Intelligent Color and Hair Care

I create the most luscious blondes, the most natural
reds and richest brunettes with a line of products
that leave your hair healthy and shimmering.

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Goldwell Color

"The most intelligent and caring system for creating and
maintaining vibrant healthy hair color." It has the
smallest percentage of Ammonia of any hair color line
on the market which enables me to create hair color
that is never muddy and reflects light like natural hair.
The grey coverage is thorough, natural and long lasting.
Trucco Makeup by Sebastian

Trucco offers designer quality products at affordable prices safe
for most sensitive skin types. I have used this product for over 20
years and its color palette is unmatched.

Goldwell Color and Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner

I offer Goldwell shampoos and
conditioners to maintain your
beautiful color. I also offer Goldwell's
everyday shampoo and conditioner
for shine and vitality.
breathe... balance... & be... at Salon 202

Get the Lead Out!?
Does your lipstick contain lead?

Apply some of your lipstick to your hand and next,
rub it with a gold ring. If the area turns black, your
lipstick has lead in it... and that's unhealthy!
All of our lipsticks are lead free. Be healthy and
beautiful with fine makeup at an affordable price.