What Makes My Permanent Cosmetics Unique?

The first step begins with drawing the eyebrows or lips on you. This is a detail oriented process
in which I take the time needed to be thorough and exacting in my work. Next, we talk about
design before I do the procedure. Your satisfaction is my top priority.

Cleanliness and sterility are very important. The environment of Salon 202 is safe and
comfortable.Your health, well-being, and comfort are primary.

I use topical anaesthetics which numb the skin and minimize discomfort.

Complimentary Consultations are given to answer your questions.

Each procedure includes your first application and tone more "touch-up" (a total of two visits).
Some people prefer to start moderately. During your touch-up you decide if you want the
color changed or maybe a more dramatic look.

I do encourage my clients to complete all procedures within a year, as this gives the best results.

Above all, I am an Artist.

My qualifications include studies in graphic and fine arts at the Minneapolis
College of Art & Design. I have been a make-up artist for Christian Dior and
La Prairie. My cosmetology degree is from Von Curtis Academy. I am trained
and certified in Permanent Cosmetics through Allied Health Association. With
an excellent sense of color, I am able to choose and custom-blend colors that
are perfect for you.

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