Natural Nails, the Salon 202 Method

Salon 202 is where Natural Nail care begins and ends. Lovely
nails have always been a source of pleasure and admiration.
Hands and Nails say a lot about a person, so it's important to
have them looking their best. You can achieve healthy, natural
nails by following our established methods.

Manicuring Nails

• Shape nails with an emery board, not a metal file.
• File in one direction, toward the center of the nail on each side.
Allow nail edges to be straight out from the nail bed and parallel.
Ovalize or square the nail tip.
• The nail is strongest if no longer than half the length of the nail
• Clean nails with soap and water.
• Gently push back the cuticles with an orangewood stick. Do not
cut cuticles!
• Dip a cotton swab in alcohol or oil-free remover and swipe the
nail plate before painting


This incredible product feeds the nails calcium, protein, and moisturizers.

Choose the Formula that is best for you and apply as base coat.
Next, apply two coats of color.

Seche Vite™ is the top coat to use. It is patented and dries all the
layers at an even rate. Within 5 minutes, it is dry enough to avoid light
smudges. It keeps polishes from yellowing, too!

Use Nailtiques oil therapy around the cuticles.
For a lasting manicure, keep hands out of water for 3 hours after a
fresh manicure.

Nail Colors

We offer an array of nail color enamels by OPI, Creative, Essie, and China
Glaze to accessorize and glamorize.
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