Eyeliner - These can be soft and natural or a bit more dramatic. Do you want the
enhancement only in the lash line, just the lower liner, the upper liner only, or full eyeliner?
You choose.

Lip Liner - No matter what your age, you may have a pale lip line, your lipstick "bleeds"
beyond the border of the natural lip, or your lips are not symmetrical. With the Softap®
method, I can design a beautiful lip line with a blend of colors that is perfect for you. The line
may be thin or thick depending on your preference. This also prevents "bleeding."

Full Lips - In this technique a lip line is created and the fleshy part of the lips is filled in
completely, creating a beautiful, youthful appearance. Colors are custom blended in the shade
you desire.

Beauty Mark - Some people like a small beauty mark placed by the eyes or lips. This can
look very attractive. Think of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor who each had a
distinguishing mark on their face.

How long will my Permanent Cosmetics Last?

Everyone is an individual with different types of skin. It is dependent upon such things as the
time you spend in the sun, the quality of your skin, and so forth. During the consultation I will
share some ideas with you on how to keep your permanent cosmetics looking good, longer.

In most cases, my Softap® method will last from 3 - 7 years. If they fade and you have
completed your initial visit and your free touch-up, you may book another touch-up for $75.00.

What an exciting procedure this is in the beauty industry. Imagine never having to apply
cosmetics to your face in order to have eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, or even full, colored lips!
Think about the hours you could eliminate if you didn't have to design your brows, eyeliner,
and so forth every day. You get up looking great and you are ready for your day.

With the Softap® Permanent Cosmetics method I use, iron oxide pigments are introduced into
the second layer of facial skin. This is safer and more comfortable than the electric-needle
method. Because the implement has an extremely fine series of points, which are less
traumatic to the skin, I can create the most natural looking results.

Here's What I Can Create for You

Eyebrows - Whether you have sparse brows or none at all, these can be created. The look
you choose may be soft such as the effect achieved using eye pencil or powder. If you prefer,
tiny hairlike strokes can be simulated using colors that blend with your hair and skin tone. I like
to use more than one color in order to design a natural appearance.

Softap® Permanent Cosmetics are Perfect for:

• Those with allergies to cosmetics

• Swimmers who have trouble with cosmetics smearing or running

• Women and men with little or no brow hair

• Anyone who feels they disappear without make-up

• Women who are tired of applying and removing make-up every day

• Those who can't see well enough to apply their cosmetics

• Anyone with physical limitations which make it difficult to apply cosmetics

• Anyone who wants to look more attractive

• Those short on time. This is a real time-saver!

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